When I have to make important choices, my response is:

My greatest fear is:

What is your relationship with money?

What is your feeling towards your closest relationships?

When I find myself needing to choose something of the menu at a fancy restaurant:

When I need to buy a very expensive item or a new car:

When I have time available to spend on something I like:

When it comes to my role in my community,

People often complain:

When I think about the future:

In which Town do you live?
The Town of Either Way

You constantly find yourself torn between choices and stuck in ambivalence. In the end, you find yourself not choosing anything. You live with the fear that you are going to make the wrong choice. You have resources to follow your dreams, but you struggle to decide on where you want to spend your resources. You feel imprisoned when committing to relationships, because I like to keep my options open. I’m more of a grey area person than black or white.
The Town of Faraway

Most of the time you feel numb and alienated from your own heart. You struggle to feel emotions and make choices, because you are afraid of making changes. Your relationships have lost their passion, but you’re too committed to leave them. I’m afraid that if I go through change, I will lose the things I have currently in my life, which I have become accustomed to. Your life feels like a movie and most of the time you just feel like you’re watching from above.
The Town of Loss

You live in the town of loss where you constantly fear abandonment. You are afraid to disappoint people, because you have been through a lot of rejection in your life. You struggle to be excited about anything in life for the fear that you might lose it, or that what you hope for will not turn out as you thought. You struggle with constant thoughts of doom, wondering when things will fall apart. You’ve had people in your life tell you that they need to walk on eggshells around you. You constantly feel like you’re not enough and find yourself giving to others beyond what is good for you. You constantly take on too much, and have burnt out a few times in your life.
The Town of Plenty

You are in a place in your life where your choices are limitless. You are the first person to suggest something fun to do and get people to join in. You live in abundance, and you are not afraid of making wrong choices because you know each choice will turn out well. Deep down you are afraid to be deprived of fun and you avoid pain at any cost. Money and opportunities are attracted to you. Sometimes you secretly wish that you choices were limited, or that somebody else would make the choices for you. You take your time to make choices because you like to keep your options open. You have no fear of losing what you have. You desire to have as many amazing experiences as life has to offer you. You are always restless and struggle to sit still.
The Town of Contentment

You find yourself in a place where you are searching for integration in your life. You have great influence and people look to you for hope and inspiration. You have enough resources, and now you are finally able to go after your dreams. You have worked on the perfect plan and mapped out your projects, but you know your plans still need some work. You do not like being spontaneous and you think it’s not wise to just jump into things. You find yourself overthinking small details and have spent years preparing for your future, yet you can’t manage to finish your projects.
The Town of Mastery

You have reached a point in your life where you have authority over the things that seem out of control in the lives of others. You are the first person to take the lead in a group, and you get impatient around incompetent people. You are not afraid of taking extreme risks because you are confident in your decisions. Your greatest fear is to not be in control. You always have enough resources and know where to access more if you need it. You find it easy to buy expensive things because of the quality you perceive it to be in your life.